Health and Safety Environment

Health and Safety Environment

Ctech Services takes pride in its positive safety culture; we believe that through sound management and positive employment process, along with the induction and probationary period, our new employees get the start they need to act and behave in a responsible safe manner.

We recognise the impact that poor environmental awareness and practices can have on our business. Our Environmental Statement of Intent is a key driver within our training risk assessment process.

Ctech are committed to:

  • The provision of a safe place of work.
  • To provide safe means of access and egress to and from the work area.
  • To provide safe systems of work.
  • The provision of adequate equipment and materials.
  • The employment of competent fellow employees.
  • The consideration of Health & Safety and environmental regulations and be guided by them.
  • Consideration of waste produced by our activities.
  • To encourage wherever possible energy conservation and recycling.
  • The provision of training and support to our employees and the sharing of best practices with our suppliers and customers.

Working Together

Ctech Services maintains a close working relationship with its customers and suppliers.
We ensure that adequate risk assessments and method statements are provided, which reduces the inherent risk to our staff, customers and the general public.